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Galileo  Newton Curie Einstein








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The Big Soup 

The Big Soup event went really well with parents and children turning up after school to taste the soup the children had made in their enrichment lessons.  Most of the produce was home grown in our school grounds which made it extra special.

Many parents requested the 3 different reciepes for our yummy soup so here they are…

soup 1  soup 3  soup 2


First Times Table Rock Stars of the term!  Well done for achieving the most lifetime earnings in your year group. 



Frimley helped to support Children in Need today and as a school we raised an amazing £420.

The well-being team planned a fun day for the school where children and staff wore their PJ’s for the day and they made healthy fruit pots to sell at break time, with all the proceeds going towards Children in Need.  Each year group also went to the hall to take part in the ‘Children In Need Big Morning Move’, hosted by Joe Wicks



It’s time to say goodbye and good luck to our lovely Year 6 children.  We wish you the best of luck in your new adventure.  

awards  download

Here is your leavers’ video to help you to remember your time and friends at Frimley Junior School.

Sadly, it’s also time to say goodbye to our Year 3 leader Mrs Peters, it was an emotional day for both children and adults but I think our word definition quiz gave her a send off she will never forget!  Good luck Mrs Peters in your new school and don’t forget us here at Frimley.


In our final assembly, we also said goodbye to Reverend Phil, who has been a governor and support to our school for 7 years.  We wish you well on your next adventure Phil.



Another celebration for Endeavour for achieving the highest gem score over the year.  Well done to Endurance, Apollo and Argo as the final scores were very, very close. 


Frimley Fun Day

Another successful sports day.  The weather held out, the children were full of enthusiasm and team spirit we saw made us very proud of each and every one of you.  Well done to ENDEAVOUR for winning the sports day cup.

More photos on our school gallery

DSC_9202  IMG_4537


Wow! What an amazing production from Year 6.  The time and effort and enthusiasm that went into this play was fantastic.  It was a show stopper full of singing, dancing and smiles.  Please look at the school gallery for more photos.


Outdoor Learning Week

As part of our outdoor learning week we had a visit from Shooting Stars. We learnt the science behind many circus tricks and got to have a turn ourselves.

IMG_4147  IMG_4197

tt rockstars

Well done to our new TT Rock Star champions – These children have made huge progress in their 3 minute time tables challenges in class.

D8cxcRoWwAA32Ki  D8cxcRSXkAAKyZL

D8cxcRTWkAAgi_2  D8cxcRUWkAA7Am-

Summer 12018/2019

tt rockstars

Our first rockstars of the term.  Well done, you have the greatest improved baseline score.

D5ohTfJWkAAJMsX  D5ohTf3WsAEwEY8

D5ohTf4WkAAk21-  D5ohTf3W0AEBM9G

Spring 1 2018/2019 

Spring term tea party with the head teacher

Well done for being chosen by your class teacher for showing our Frimley values all day, every day. 


Comic Relief

Frimley held a bake sale and had a mufti day to raise money for comic relief, we raised over £600 – that’s fantastic.

Congratulations to our bake sale winners.

D1sbr9WXgAEljkA D1sb3I_WsAIU3Rc

World Book Day

We love Wold Book Day here at Frimey and love getting in the spirit of the day, this year we held a HERO theme.  Our costumes were amazing and it was interesting to see which literacy characters we all saw as heroes. We spent the afternoon emersed in reading – each teacher chose a book to read and we all mixed up around the school depending on which story we wanted to hear.  We were also lucky enough to have some heroes coming in to spend some time with us talking about what they do and answering our questions. 

Please click on the phtos to enlarge them










Frimley Learner Passports

Well done guys, we have 5 more ultimate frimley learners.  Who will be next?




Internet Safety

With internet safety being in the news recently we thought this would be a good time to share some internet safety tips on the most popular games and apps children are currently using.  Each poster has a recommended age restriction and explains why these apps may not be suitable for Junior school aged children.

FB_IMG_1551075091024  FB_IMG_1551075076426  FB_IMG_1551075062995  FB_IMG_1551075048712 FB_IMG_1551075033818 FB_IMG_1551075113353 FB_IMG_1551075109313 FB_IMG_1551075105795 FB_IMG_1551075102251 FB_IMG_1551075098820 FB_IMG_1551075095204


Well done to our TTRS champions this week for the most improved score.

D0kUcoGWkAAydeq  D0kUcoFWkAAyZea  D0kUcoEXcAMbgOJ  D0kUcoEWwAErZ6j

 Values Day

We held a Values Day to help us to have a clearer understanding of PERSEVERANCE.  What does it mean?  How can we show this in all areas of our lives?  What does perseverance look like?

Read our newsletters below to find out about our values day

redEndurance            greenArgo

yellow Endeavour                  blueApollo

Frimley Learner Passports 

At Frimley, we have 8 Frimley Learner attributes which we believe are important life and learning skills.

The children each have a Frimley Learner Passport to complete when they feel they have demonstrated one of our attributes. When they have completed all 8 they become an ULTIMATE FRIMLEY LEARNER!  This Friday Abeesha was our first student to achieve her ULTIMATE FRIMLEY LEANER badge.  Keep going Frimley, the next badge could be yours…


tt rockstars

This half term Mrs Hannon looked for the children who had the ‘Quickest Current Speed’

Our winners were; Oscar (Year 3), Charlotte (Year 4), Issac (Year 5) and Daniel (Year 6)

There was an extra special award for Riley (year 5) for answering every question in under 1 second!  Well done Riley for earning Frimley’s first ROCK HERO AWARD


sports news

Thursday 31st January – Athletics at Guildford Spectrum

We took a team of 19 (10 boys and 9 girls) to Guildford Spectrum for the year 5 and 6 Surrey Heathl Athletics Competition. We all took part in a variety of track events and field events. We were scored and timed in the events and all of our scores contributed to our overall total. We all cheered each other on and we completed several team events where we all tried our best for the team. We had lots of first and second place finishes and we were proud of our performances because it was the first time a lot of us had competed. At the end, they announced the places in reverse order and out of the 10 schools- WE WON!! It was the first time Frimley have ever won the event and we are soon going to be preparing for the inter-county finals.

By Jessica and Olivia

Capture  IMG_2859

Surrey Primary Dance Festival

20 children from year 5 and 6 took part in the 2019 dance festival.  We are not only proud of their amazing dancing, but are also proud of their team spirit and independence throughout the show.  Well done.


School values

Our value this half term is perseverance.  How can you show this value in school? Will you get star of the week this term for demonstrating a good understanding of our value?

Autumn 2 2018/2019

Christmas fair, choir and carols around the tree

Monday afternoon started with fun and games as each class created and ran 2 stalls per class (a game and a craft stall).  The children had an amazing time walking round the school, visiting the different stalls and spending their money;  The children’s stalls raised £818. After school the choir gave an amazing performance, showcasing their Christmas songs.  As the event came to a close, the whole school and our families joined into the Christmas spirit as we sang Christmas carols in torch light around the tree.  

A huge thank you to the FPTA who organised and ran many stalls of their own, you raised an incredible £2641 for our school.

IMG_1597    IMG_1605

ch 1  ch 2

SSAFA Charity Cameo Run

On 14th December the whole school (children, staff and parents) joined together to raise money for our school charity SSAFA, we had to dress in camouflage clothing (or Christmas jumpers!) and run/walk/skip/prance around the school running track for 30 minutes. As you can see from the photos, fun was had by all

IMG-20181214-WA0006  IMG-20181214-WA0005  IMG_1556

IMG_1565  IMG_1557    IMG-20181214-WA0003

IMG_1534 IMG_1465 IMG_1522   IMG_1494  IMG_1472


This week the teachers chose a child from each year group who has shown perseverance and a great attitude towards their times tables.

Well done to Jack, Charlotte, Chloe and Annabelle

sports news

Amazing performances from both teams at the Y3 and 4 football festival. Frimley Flamers made it to the semi-finals & Frimley Flyers won the competition, winning the final 3-0, scoring a phenomenal 18 and conceding just 2 goals along the way. Well done to all.



The Well-Being team worked hard to produce this fantastic leaflet to support our anti-bullying policy here at Frimley.  The images are PDF links if you would like to print a copy of our leaflet.

1 2


Mrs Stroud and the Well-Being team of pupils did a great job in planning for our Children in Need day, where they sold fruit pots at break time to raise extra funds. The children also donated £1 to dress in mufti.  All together, we raised £ 482.00 for Children in Need. Thank you everyone


maths competition

On Wednesday the 5th of November, four children went to the Explore learning centre for a maths competition. They competed against Lakeside, Mytchett, Cove and The Grove. They took on a mathematical challenge called sticky dice and were marked on their systematic working, mathematical reasoning and collaboration. They got high scores on all these themes therefore they were put forward to the next round. Mrs Hannon is extremely proud of Lucy, Ivie, Zachary and Nathan and we wish them the best of luck in the next round.


Frimley held a creative afternoon to mark the centenary of WWI and Armistice Day.  We joined together as a school to hold our 2 minutes silence then each year group worked on understanding what Remembrance Day represents and they produced some amazing art work.

 DrtahcFWwAAVx7a  received_1447248692086433  download (1)


Our school charity for 2018/19

Our school charity this year is SSAFA which helps veterans, service personnel and their families in the local community. Keep your eyes peeled for fund raising events which we will be holding throughout the year.


sports news

Frimley have been very busy with their sports events this half term:

In October, Year 3 and 4 hosted a fencing and archery festival here at our school. May new skills were learnt.

Year 6 played football against Lakeside and scored 2 goals – Well done TJ and Benji.

Year 6 were also busy with their netball match, after being 5-1 down at the start, they turned it around and won 7-6.  Well done girls.

Well done to the 48 children that represented the school in cross country this week at Lightwater Country Park. A special mention to Jeremy who came 2nd in the year 3 and 4 boys race and to the year 3 and 4 boys team who won their event overall. Fantastic performances all round!


Well done to Teagan, Logan, Josh and Kieran for getting the highest lifetime earnings this month. 

Drjd8IWXgAAfP_v  Drjd8IZW4AA3IQU  Drjd8IXX0AE-1-l

Autumn 1 2018/2019

 Values Day

We held a Values Day to help us to have a clearer understanding of RESPECT.  What does it mean?  How can we show respect in all areas of our lives?  What does respect look like?

Read our newsletters below to find out about our values day

redEndurance            greenArgo

yellow Endeavour                  blueApollo

School Council

At Frimley, we love to have the children involved and to have a say in our school.  We have many crews, teams and councils to enable this to happen and to give our children a voice.  The councils we have are;

  • Head Boy and girl
  • School Ambassidors
  • House Captains
  • Sports Crew
  • Display Team
  • Worship Team
  • Environmental Team
  • Learning Team
  • Well Being Team

Frimley Learner Passports 

At Frimley, we have 8 Frimley Learner attributes which we believe are important life and learning skills.

The children each have a Frimley Learner Passport to complete when they feel they have demonstrated one of our attributes. When they have completed all 8 they become an ULTIMATE FRIMLEY LEARNER!

Frimley learner  

 Our Frimley passports are a way of showing how we have achieved our school values.

On each page we have a different value and a set of challenges to try and complete. Each year must try and complete a certain amount of them (yr3 is 3, yr4 is 4, etc). These include things like, ‘use resources independently’ from the value ‘learning together and independently’.

Once you have completed the correct amount, you can take the passport home and write about how you have demonstrated the value there. Then, you bring it back to school, signed,  and put it on Mrs Wright’s desk. After that, you will be announced in assembly and will receive a certificate. Once you have all the certificates you will be awarded with an Ultimate Frimley Learner badge to wear on your uniform.

 By Mia and James (Head Boy and Girl)

Summer 2 2017/2018

Frimley Biathlon

We were very excited to hold our first ever sponsored Biathlon event. The event took place from Monday 2nd July to Thursday 5th July with each year group participating during their timetabled PPA afternoon.

On each afternoon of their event, the children participated in a 200m swim during their usual swimming slot and a timed run- 1km for years 3 and 4 and 1.3km for years 5 and 6. Every child received an individual time for their swim and run and a combined time for both. All participants received a certificate and a range of medals was awarded recognising performance and effort across each year group. Our children are fantastic at pushing themselves to achieve their best and the event was the ideal opportunity for this. Furthermore, children will be able to use their time this year as a personal challenge to beat in the future thus providing the perfect platform for children to demonstrate the perseverance and determination needed to achieve their best.

We are incredibly fortunate to have the fantastic facilities we do at Frimley and all sponsorship money raised will go towards the ongoing maintenance of our swimming pool.

Biathlon Awards

For recognised effortYear 3 Riley and Rebecca, Year 4 Alfie G and Isabelle C, Year 5 Daniel and Isabelle, Year 6 TBA

3rd placeYear 3 Jayden and Lola, Year 4 James and Annika, Year 5 Samuel and Emma, Year 6 TBA

2nd place: Year 3 Alfie and Abeesha, Year 4 Charlie and Mia, Year 5 Fraser and Kate, Year 6 TBA

1st place: Year 3 Jeremy and Mollie, Year 4 Ewan and Freya, Year 5 Nathan and Jessica, Year 6 TBA

Frimley Fun day and Sports Day

Frimley had an amazing day on Friday as we held our Fun Day in the morning and moved onto Sports Day after break.  It was a very, very hot day but the children kept their enthusiasm, motivation and team spirit to make this a tense, action packed sports day!

First the children set up stalls to raise money for our school PTA in our Summer Fair.  All the stalls were designed by the children, set up by the children and run by the children.

IMG_1719JPG IMG_1736JPG IMG_1741JPG IMG_1764 1JPG

After break we moved on to sports day.  This was organised by the Sports Crew children (with some help from Miss Neighbour and Mr Phillips).  They made it a very smooth, enjoyable day.  In between races the children had the chance to relax in the shade and have a long drink, I think this was the hottest sports day we’ve ever had!

A huge well done for Argo for winning sports day this year.  Another wall done for the rest of the school for raising over £300 for our school PTA.

  IMG_1793JPG  IMG_1735JPG


The Greatest Show ever!

To celebrate out 150th birthday, Frimley set themselves the challenge to put on The Greatest Show – and wow, they certainly did put on a show so great that local houses were phoning us up to tell us how they were enjoying our show and singing from their gardens.  Frimley wanted to do something memorable so the children an staff, led by our creative Mrs Curtis practiced and  rehearsed until a show was formed.  It was an amazing atmosphere as families and friends came onto our field to watch us and cheer us on.  It was definitely a day to remember.

DSC_3984JPG  DSC_3936JPG  DSC_3928JPG  DSC_3913JPG

DSC_3913JPG  DSC_3875JPG

DSC_3860JPG  DSC_3846JPG



In July, Frimley celebrated being open for 150 years.  To celebrate we invited teachers and pupils who used to go to Frimley to come and look around, to share how it has changed and to look through our memorabilia with happy memories.  There were even a few reunions from old friends.

 Frimley Learner

We have 2 new Frimley Learners – the first in Year 3 and Year 4!  They have completed their Frimley Learner Passports to demonstrate that they understands and can show each of the 8 attributes both in school and at home.

Well Done Abeesha and Mia

    Frimley learner

School values

Our value this half term is honesty.  How can you show this value in school? Will you get star of the week this term for demonstrating a good understanding of our value?

image (1)

Science Show

SIMMS Science on Show at St Mary’s University On Tuesday 12th June, nine of our Super Scientists from the Science Club took their projects to a com-petition which aims to celebrate ‘mastery of science’ in schools. They had worked on their own ideas for a science project in the school club and had to produce a model with supporting information for the competition. During the day they had opportunities to use their engineering skills to build spaghetti towers, watch a science demonstration on liquid nitrogen and participate in other activities such as trying sustaina-ble insect snacks! Yes, Mrs Phillips did eat one! At judging time they used their communication skills to explain and justify their science projects to a series of judges that included members of scientific institutions. They also enjoyed seeing the other school projects and the huge variety of science ideas on display. Mrs Phillips was very proud when we won the Best in Year 4 prize, the Best in Year 5 prize and then the Best Overall in Show prize! Well done to all of my budding scientists: James, Mollie, Sanjana, Josh-ua, Mia, Emily, Anya, Oliver and James! The judges were particularly impressed with the fact that the children could all talk about the science behind their projects and why they had chosen these pro-jects. The first place winners, James and Oliver also impressed them by showing the improvements in designs they had made in their attempts to make a model demonstrating Black Holes. Another trophy for Frimley Church of England Junior School!


Surrey Arts 2018 Primary Music Festival

On Tuesday 12th June the Frimley choir took part in the music festival at the Princes Hall in Aldershot. Everyone sang really well, they were performing songs telling stories of Vikings, the songs were from Go Lightning Vikings. In the mid-dle of the performance we listened to The Surrey Youth Training Choir, two members of our choir also performed In this, Cristyn and Anya. In the concert we were joined by other Junior Schools in the area. To conclude, the evening was a success and everyone enjoyed it. We’d like to thank Mrs Milton and Mrs Wolff for all their help and support with the choir. Cristyn Pirie

Sporting Events

Last week saw some children from Years 5 and 6 representing the school in Quadkids Ath-letics at Aldershot Military Stadium. The children all participated in a sprint, longer distance run, throwing and standing long jump events and really did Frimley proud. As a team, we came 4th overall, with some fantastic individual results too. The children demonstrated fan-tastic sportsmanship and support of each other. A special mention must go to Harry in 6H for achieving 2nd place in the individual results and for helping to support his team mates on the day. Also well done to Megan in 6N who ran two 600m races and won one of them! Well done to all! We also took part in the PhysiFun Festival at Mytchett Primary School, in which children from all year groups took part in competitive games and activities designed to boost fitness levels and develop an enjoyment of being active. The children had a great time and should also be very proud of themselves.

Wisley Garden

What an amazing start to our new half term, we came back to the wonderful news that Frimley had won another GOLD in the Wisley Budding Gardeners competition.  We also won the Best in show Green award for the most ecological and sustainable garden, so we are super chuffed.  Well done to Mrs Everett and her team (Grace, Ruby, Lucy, Isabelle, Emily, Charlotte, Jaz, Ava and Kimi) for their dedication and hard work. 

The garden has been rebuilt in front of the water park/behind the gym if you would like to take a look at our winning garden.

Dd-Zi-NU8AAouxm Dd-Zi-NU0AAIK4l Dd-Zi-TUQAAl2UO

Summer 1 2017/2018

Feeding time!

feeding birds1

Baby Birds!

We have baby birds in our bird boxes.  The web camera has been on in our hub for all children to see.

bby birds    baby birds

bird box1

Our new outdoor gym!!!

We are loving our outdoor gym.  On Friday, it’s opening day, we all had a chance to try it out, even the staff! It will be timetabled at lunch times and break times so each class will get a fair turn.

Lunch rota; Monday Year 6, Tuesday Year 5, Wednesday Year 4, Thursday Year 3.

Please take note of the safety signs; The equipment is to be used within school hours and supervised by school staff, they are not to be used before or after school.


Dc6UaEOXkAEWara  Dc6UaEMW4AEdi7_

 Frimley Learner

Well done Anya for becoming our newest Frimley Learner.  She has completed her Frimley Learner Passport to demonstrate that she understands and can show each of the 8 attributes both in school and at home.

IMG_1364JPG    Frimley learner

Stained Glass Window

On Wednesday the 2nd of May, Jane Starnes, an ex-Frimley teacher, came in to talk to us about the stained glass window that is found in our hall.  We found out lots of interesting facts about our school, which are represented in the window, that we didn’t know before.  Here are just a few:

  • In 2000 the children each came up with their own designs for the window; the creator incorporated all of them into one design that best represented our church school
  • To pay for the cost of the window the school charged £5 to “own” a piece of glass.
  • The window has a lot of “hidden” pictures in it like a football, children playing netball, an insect, hidden words etc
  • The music notes at the top represent the first line of the old school hymn
  • It was originally going to be positioned opposite the office, but Joe (its creator) said it would look better in the hall where the light reflects through the glass bringing it to life.

The window is an amazing piece of art and we are very lucky to have it in our hall.  Have a closer look the next time you are in the Hall to see what you can find.  By Caitlin and James 5R 


IMG_1303Click to enlarge, can you remember the features?

windowClick on the image to see what hidden pictures you can find.


A message from the staff here at Frimley to the Year 6 children.  Mrs Wright made up the words to our song which hopefully will show our children that we are proud of them and their individual talents and achievements.  Tests don’t measure everything.  Be proud of yourselves!

Click on the picture to take you to our youtube link

SATs rule

School values

Our value this half term is Love.  How can you show this value in school? Will you get star of the week this term for demonstrating a good understanding of our value?

IMG_1161    IMG_0707

Blackwater Valley Countryside Trust

Mr Colin Wilson from the Blackwater Valley Countryside Trust talked to the children about the different birds that they might see in their gardens and locally. He talked about how important is to leave hedging and trees in boundaries as places of shelter and food for them, and to provide bird food and water for them all year round.

IMG_1134JPG     IMG_1129JPG

This talk was a follow up to the bird and bat boxes that have been placed in the school grounds recently by the trust. We now have six swift boxes, four on the chapel, two on each side and two on the school house facing the carpark We also have six nesting boxes and six bat boxes in the woods on the bottom field.

IMG_2967one of our swift boxes       IMG_3053bird and bat nesting boxes

To encourage the birds into our gardens we have bird feeders and water in the garden. This summer we will have a wildlife pond. A wildflower meadow has been planted as a source of food. The vegetable gardens have recently been planted with seeds and will soon be encouraging insects into the gardens. Our native tree saplings are growing stronger each year and more native hedging will be planted at the end of the year providing extra safety and food.

IMG_3029pond in progress       IMG_3064wildflower meadow

Our nesting boxes with cameras are showing residency by Blue Tits.


screenshot of our nesting box on 22nd April

Spring 2 2017/2018


As part of our Collaboration Value this half term each, house group has produced an amazing display to share what collaboration means to them.


IMG_1158  IMG_1156

IMG_1157  IMG_1155 (2)

Easter Art Competition


Frimley held its annual Easter art competition and once again it was a challenge to choose the winners.  Every single piece of art held amazing detail and every artist took their time to draw or paint a master piece.  Miss Venn loved the fact that this year there was a huge range of art media being used and some very creative ideas. It’s a shame we couldn’t display them all.

Our winners and runners-up were…

1  2


4  5


7  8


10  11


Spring concert

A huge well done to all the children who took part in our Spring concert.  Wow! We have a lot of talent here at Frimley.  We heard beautiful singing as well has hearing music from children playing the harp, piano, keyboard, guitar and clarinet.

A huge thank you to Mrs Wolff and Mrs Milton for all the time and effort you put into this to make our Spring concert possible.


 Sports Relief  8Vli9Hay_bigger

Monday 19th March and Friday 23rd March.

At Frimley, we were all really excited to have taken part in Sport Relief 2018! As one of the UK’s biggest fundraising events, Sport Relief brings the entire nation together to get active, raise money and change lives. To do our bit and to raise money we:

  • held a ‘Just Dance’ session every break time
  • took on Olympic diver Tom Daley’s ‘Daley challenge’
  • completed in year group dodgeball tournaments every lunch time
  • sold Sport Relief wristbands for £1 each.

On the Friday we had a sports themed non-uniform day.  In the morning every class took part in the ‘Frimley Fitness Marathon’ (there were many aching legs the next day after all those squats, lunges and burpees!).  We also ran a Frimley Family Mile in the afternoon with many family members joining us in our mile run around the school grounds.



Spring Magic Art Exhibition 

Frimley produced some fantastic art work for an art exhibition run by Surrey Heath Primary Schools.  It was presented at St Peter’s Church Hall and I’m sure you will agree, Frimley children have once again made us a very proud school.

20180324_152811  20180325_121652  20180324_153037

20180324_153120  20180324_152828


SMARTY mouse

SMARTY mouse was designed by the children here at Frimley a few years ago to promote online safety and to help children to make ‘smart’ and safe decisions online.  As he was a few year old,  we digitally recreated him and placed him round every school computer to help him to stand out to remind our children of their SMART rules.  Our new mouse mats were shared in assembly today; Can your child tell you about SMARTY mouse and how they can keep safe online?

 IMG_0867 Original design

 smarty  20180312_104015

Values Day

IMG_0987 (1)

We held a Values Day to help us to have a clearer understanding of Collaboration.  What does it mean?  How can we collaborate in all areas of our lives?  What does collaboration look like?

Read our newsletters below to find out about our values day

red endurance              green  argo

yellow endeavour                      blueapollo

World Book Day

On Tuesday 6th March 2018, Frimley celebrated World Book Day by coming into school dresses as their favourite book character.  We had an amazing range of creative costumes and the whole school looked fantastic.

wbd4  wbd3

wbd2  wbd1

 Tuesday 6th March 2018  –  Bird house making

Kindly, Bernard from the Blackwater Valley Conservation Trust came into school to help the children from Mrs Everett’s Gardening Club and the Environmental Council team, make 12 bird houses for Swallows to nest in. He helped us use hammers, screws, electric drills and nails to put together the boxes. They will be hung around the bottom field and we will keep a close eye on them watching out for any visitors we have.  Did you know that we also have 4 boxes under the eaves of the staff house and chapel? Colin, who is also from the Trust, put the boxes up in February.   Just before Easter, they will both return to place some bat boxes in the wooded area behind the bottom field.  We had a lot of fun collaborating with different people from different year groups.  Thank you to Mrs Hammond and Mrs Everett for organising this for us and the Conservation Trust for helping us be a part of this exciting project.

Chloe Year 6

image001  image002  image003

School values

Our value this half term is collaboration.  How can you show this value in school? Will you get star of the week this term for demonstrating a good understanding of our value?

On Friday 9th March we will be learning more about collaboration on our Values Day.  Don’t forget to come dressed on your house colours.

IMG_0987 (1)  IMG_0707

Spring 1 2017/2018


On Friday, Frimley held a spellathon to support our charity, Sebastian’s Action Trust.  The children had an amazing launch to the spellathon with an assembly held by Mr Callow and Mrs Peters. We had 2 teams, teachers vs children, they were put on the spot to spell a word from the year 5/6 spelling grid.  The children were amazing, they knew their spellings, kept their cool and beat the teachers 6-4!!!  Well done to Joe, Tomas, Amelia, Zachary, Mia and Harry for stepping up and showing us how amazing the children at Frimley are.

t1PNG  t2PNG  IMG_0888JPG  IMG_0890JPG

Library Assembly

On Thursday, our librarians were very brave and ran an assembly for the whole school.  They reminded us of they different genres of book we have in our library and its opening times.

  IMG_0869JPG  IMG_0873JPG

They also let us know about a 500 word competition that BBC radio 2 are running.  We listened to the 2017 winning story then looked at the amazing prizes we could win.

500PNG  IMG_0876JPG  500aPNG – 500 words web link

500 words dates for your diary…

500 Words 2018 is open for entries NOW!

 The competition will close for entries at 7pm sharp on Thursday 22nd February.

The 500 Words Final will be broadcast live from Hampton Court Palace on BBC Radio 2’s Chris Evans Breakfast Show, on Friday 8th June.

Good luck!

Santa Run 

Team Frimley took part in a 7km Santa Fun Run, raising money for Sebastian’s Action Trust.  Well done to all the staff who took part, we raised over £1000 for our charity.

DUpRc0yWsAEZtEB  DUnugt2X4AA5UST  IMG_0783



Frimley Values and British Values

As we start our new, exciting term here at Frimley we thought it would be a good chance to remind you of our Frimley and British values.

IMG_0698  IMG_0706  IMG_0707

Our value of the term is Responsibility.  How can you show this value in school? Will you get star of the week this term for demonstrating a good understanding of our value?

BeFunky Collage

We want to prepare children positively for life in modern Britain so we ensure that the Frimley and British values are introduced, discussed and lived through the ethos, values and work of our school. Our curriculum areas provide a vehicle to help children further understand these concepts, in particular our RE and PSHE&C lessons provide excellent opportunities to deepen and develop understanding.  Children embrace these values with enthusiasm and demonstrate a good understanding of their application to their own lives.

 Frimley Learner

Well done William and Olivia for becoming our first Frimley Learners of the year.  They have completed their Frimley Learner Passports to demonstrate that they understand and can show each of the 8 attributes both in school and at home.

  W6n  Frimley learner  IMG_0759JPG


Autumn 2 2017/2018

Happy Christmas From Frimley C of E

We have been in the Christmas spirit this week at Frimley.  We’ve been watching Year 3 perform their play, we’ve had our Christmas fair, Christmas carols around the tree and our Christmas lunch.

IMG_1088JPG   IMG_1074JPG   IMG_1087JPG  IMG_1083JPG

        IMG_1048JPG       IMG_0314JPG       IMG_0299JPG  IMG_0300JPG  IMG_0308JPG

Happy Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone, we will see you back on Thursday 4th January.

Stay safe with technology this Christmas

Stay Safe with Tech this Christmas

School Choir

Well done Frimley C of E choir, your Christmas singing was so fantastic that you made it on the radio!  We all listened live on Friday morning as your song was played on BBC Surrey radio.  What will it be next: The X-factor or Britain’s got Talent?

bbc-surrey-300x169    choir image


On Friday 24th November, Frimley held a special Values Day which focused on the value of ‘perseverance’.  We all wore our house colours and mixed up year groups so we could meet and work with new friends.  

In Endeavour (yellow house) we looked at 3 bible stories which had the value of perseverance running through them.  Based on these stories we discussed the meaning and importance of being able to persevere both in and out of school.  We showed our ideas through wordle poems, graffiti art and drama


IMG_0697  IMG_0696

IMG_0695  IMG_0693

Children in Need

Well done Frimley for raising money for Children in Need on Friday 17th November.  The children dressed up in mufti for a donation to Children in Need.

IMG_0543JPG   IMG_0544JPG

Well Done School Council


Well done to our school council as today we received a certificate from the House of Commons!  The certificate was for a Speaker’s School Council Award and was given to us ‘in recognition of the achievements of your school council project, The Chill Zone’.

Autumn 1 2017/2018


Last Wednesday the whole school walked to St Peter’s Church for our annual Harvest Festival.  Year 4 put on a tremendous play of ‘The Little Red Hen’  and the whole school joined in with our Harvest songs.

A special thank you to Mrs Romp and her team for taking part in the Scarecrow Festival and for making a wonderful Little Red Hen scarecrow.

Screenshot_2017-10-07-09-34-45 (2)  Screenshot_2017-10-07-09-34-02  20171007_105146 (2)

Sewing Club

What a lovely start to our new school year, our sewing club received a thank you from Frimley Park Hospital for their beautiful breast care cushions.  Don’t forget, sewing club is running again this year for Year 5 and 6.

Sewing Club Summer 2 2016/2017

 Well done Endeavour for winning the house cup for the year 2016/2017.

cup glitter


Ultimate Frimley Learner

At Frimley, we have 8 Frimley Learner attributes which we believe are important life and learning skills. 

Frimley learner

The children each have a Frimley Learner Passport to complete at school and home when they feel they have demonstrated one of our attributes. When they have completed all 8 they become an ULTIMATE FRIMLEY LEARNER!

Well done to Ava and Joe, both in 5C, for working hard this year and becoming our first ULTIMATE FRIMLEY LEARNERS.

FL glitter

      ava glitter          jow glitter





Frimley Green Carnival  Space: The Frimley Frontier

Frimley C of E were proud and excited to be a part of the Frimley Green Carnival this year.  The children, parents and staff worked hard to create an amazing float with the theme ‘Space – The Frimley Frontier’.

Frimley Church of England School 3     Frimley Church of England School 4

This is the first time in a few years we have been part of the carnival;  The atmosphere and community spirit was amazing and I have a feeling we will be taking part in many future carnivals.  A huge well done to Mrs Farage who organised the event and thank you to the staff, parents and of course the children for their support.

Frimley Church of England School 2     Frimley Church of England School 1

Enrichment Day

Last term was such a success that the school council decided to run another Enrichment day.  The children and adults wore coloured tops to represent their house: Argo (green), Apollo (blue), Endurance (red) and Endeavour (yellow).  Last term the children focused on what their house name represented.  This term the school council picked the theme ‘Diversity’.  Each house teacher created fun, inspiring activities to help the children share what diversity means to them and how we can celebrate the diversity we see in the world around us.

Here is a snippet of activities and photos but keep your eyes open for the next Frimley Times to hear the children’s own reports about the day.


Endeavour showed diversity through creative art, discussing jobs and creating games.


Endurance showed diversity through finger painting, how everyone has a different finger print.  There was even some amazing green screen technology in the Discovery Zone.

IMG_0218JPG   IMG_0201JPG

Argo were busy creating games that not only celebrated their own skills and talents but also encouraged other skills and talents from children around them.



Apollo celebrated diversity by performing –  X-factor style!


Science week

To develop and engage the children in different aspects of science, we held a ‘Science is Fantastic’ week from Mon 5th  June to Friday  9th June.

BeFunky Collage1

The children experienced a range of scientific ideas through fun and educational activities including some outdoor learning in the science garden.

BeFunky Collage2

The children were asked to bring in a Science project from home so they could hold a ‘Science Expo’ where the children showed their projects to other children and to parents.

BeFunky Collage3

Lots of fun was had by all.  There were exploding volcanoes, static balloons, models, posters, telescopes, lava lamps and lots of messy goo!

BeFunky Collage4


Summer 1 

Opening of the running track

cutting the ribbon   DSCN2114

DSCN2116  DSCN2133

Sports Council

school games

sc  sc1  sc2

Here is a copy of the power point the children made about their day at the Surrey School Games. Surrey School Games Assembly Power Point

Spring 2


easter art competiton banner

Frimley held its annual Easter art competition and it was a challenge to choose the winners this year.  Every single piece of art held amazing detail and every artist took their time to draw or paint a master piece. It's a shame we couldn't display them all.

Our winners were...

easter1Amira 3C      easter2Aimee 3P easter3Charlotte 3H                      easter4Olivia S 4BV easter5Tabitha 4P                       easter6Tilly 4EV easter7Oliver 5G        easter8Elliot 5R easter9Dominic 5C      easter10Laura 6H easter11Jamie 6N                               easter12Amy 6P


Our School Council organised  Comic Relief this year.  They decided to hold a class assembly so we could share the meaning of Comic Relief to understand why we bring in £1 and who it supports.  In return for bringing in £1, they let the school come in wearing mufti and held a talent show and cake sale.  Lots and lots of fun was had by all, including the staff!

rsz_dscn1945R     rsz_dscn1949 R

rsz_dscn1956R     rsz_dscn1954R

rsz_dscn1951R      rsz_dscn1950R