Year 6

Year 6 Planning week 1 and 2 01.06.20



We officially ”break up” today for the Easter holidays although these are also going to be a bit different this year. Childcare provision is continuing over this time for those who need it but I am very keen for my staff to have a proper break over the next two weeks and spend time with their families too. Therefore, there will not be any work set over the Easter holidays but I am sending home a list of physical, mental and skills challenges today that might keep some children active and engaged over the next two weeks. These are of course optional as I would like families to have the chance to relax over the holidays but I will be trying some out with my boys at home! If you do have a go, why not post on our Twitter account so we can all celebrate in your successes. I am also sending home a list of websites that you might find useful too.

We “return” to school on Monday 20th April and more home learning will be emailed home to you at some point during that day, to cover the period of 20th April – 1 st May (more will be set after this etc). This work will be similar to that that has been set over the last two weeks but does include some more guidance for those who would prefer to take a more structured approach. We acknowledge though that all family circumstances are different and therefore it will be left flexible enough for you to decide how it works best for your family and your child.

Here are copies of the websites, letters and leaflets sent home over Easter;

challenagesFrimley’s Easter Challenges learning websitesWebsites for home learning internet safety
Internet safety leaflet
well beingPractical strategies and Advice to Support Mental Health websites Primary 5Ways Poster





 6H Harry

6P Annabelle 

6G Brooke 

Year Group Information – Topic maps, homework and newsletters

Meet the Teachers 6

Year 6 yearly overview 


Autumn 1

Topic: Battles of Time

Topic map




Autumn 2

Topic: Evolution and Inheritance 

Topic map




Spring 1 

Topic: Vikings

Topic map



Spring 2

Topic: The Journey Beyond


Newsletter to come out at the end of term



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(objectives that the children are working to within each year group)







English Support

rsz_spelling_list R

Year 6 spellings


Year 6 grammar glossary

Grammar Coverage

maths   Maths Support – Progression ladders   maths

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Subtraction progression ladder

Multiplication progression ladder

Division progression ladder

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rsz_spelling_list R Year 6 spellings     rsz_grammar_link    Year 6 grammar glossary   Grammar Coverage


  Addition progression ladder   Subtraction progression ladder    Multiplication progression ladder   Division progression ladder

Spring 2 2019/2020

year 6 homework

year 6 spring 1

Autumn 2 2019/2020 

Autumn 2 homework

hw year 6

Autumn 1 2019/2020

Topic map and Autumn 1 homewok:

vp 6  year 6 hw

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In computing we have started to warm up each lesson by completing a 5 minutes touch typing activity.  As most junior and secondary schools use iPads or laptops in their lessons it’s important that children gain speed and accuracy while typing and we are hoping that typing little and often will help the children in this area.  The children are already looking at their own accuracy percentage and words per minute and are striving to beat their previous target.  

Here are the websites we currently use for touch typing;






On the iPads we use an app called Ghost Type

Summer 2 2018/2019 The Human Body

Here is your leavers’ video to help you to remember your time and friends at Frimley Junior School.


Wow! What an amazing production from Year 6.  The time and effort and enthusiasm that went into this play was fantastic.  It was a show stopper full of singing, dancing and smiles.  Please look at the school gallery for more photos.


Summer 1 2018/2019 Crime and Punishment

Spring 2 2018/2019 South America continued

Spring 1 2018/2019 South America

Autumn 2 2018/2019 Evolution and Inheritance

Nature Documentaries

In year 6, this week we have been learning how to write a nature documentary. Linked to our topic, Origin of Species, we have been learning all about different animals, including their environment, diet, hunting behaviours and adaptations. Next week we will be continuing to research, write and create our own nature documentaries that will form part of our fantastic finish!


This week we have analysed the mysterious character in the book we are focusing on this half term, Skellig, and we have thought carefully about what we want to ‘tell’ our reader and what we want to ‘show’ them when writing character and setting descriptions.

In maths, we have continued our work with fractions, multiplying and dividing this week, and the children have established strategies for both. At the start of the half term, several children vocalised their previous struggles with fractions and it has been great to see them apply a growth mindset approach in lessons and the subsequent successes they have experienced as a result of this.

All classes thoroughly enjoyed using the apparatus in their gymnastics lessons, whilst in Science, we have looked at Darwin’s evolution theory, particularly his observations on finches. We used this as inspiration for artwork and the children superbly applied the taught sketching techniques in the artwork they produces.


Darwin’s finches by Bebe in 6P

News Reports 

On Monday, Mrs Wright barged into 6H after finding an egg in the long jump pit. All week year 6 have been interviewing witnesses and following the advice given by the National History Museum and writing newspaper reports about the events. Today (Friday) we came into class to find 6P upside down! The egg had fully hatched but the contents of the egg was no-where to be seen. Luckily we made TV alerts to inform the public!

Growth Mindset workshop

Year 6 were lucky enough to start their week thinking about Growth Mindset.

With the support of our Growth Mindset coach, Tim Hall, we challenged ourselves to learn new skills, thought about what ‘being successful’ means to us, and worked together in teams to create a tepee.

By the end of the day, we had realised what amazing things we can achieve if we put the effort in. We have spent the rest of the week trying to apply our new outlook to our learning.

image003  image005  image001

In English we have been writing a newspaper report, in Maths we have been challenging ourselves with fractions and in PE we started the half term by honing our dodge-ball skills!

Autumn 1 2018/2019 Battles Over Time


Last week of half term

It has been a very busy final week of the half term in year 6.

During our maths lessons this week, we have consolidated our understanding of short division and of representing remainders in division as decimals.

In English, we have written stories based on the powerful short film, ‘Beyond the lines’. The children have continued to develop their writing skills by ensuring that their writing is cohesive and by engaging their reader by using a range of sentence structures and powerful vocabulary.

On Tuesday, we had an RE day where we explored the question, ‘Who was Jesus?’ in great depth. We looked at the meanings of the names Jesus was given during and after his life and their significance both then and now. The children produced some creative work and also reflected on ‘who’ they are and how their identity contributes to the lives of many others.


On Thursday, we held our first inter-house competition of the year in PE. The School Games Values: teamwork; self-belief; respect; passion; honesty and determination were displayed throughout the afternoon alongside some excellent, exciting netball. Well done to all that took part!

It has been an extremely busy half term and the children have now adapted to life in year 6. Well done everyone and have a fantastic half term!

Hobgoblin Theatre 

This week year 6 were lucky enough to have a visit from the Hobgoblin theatre who treated us to a play about WW2, immersing the children in the struggles of the war. We learnt about life for different characters and had an opportunity to discuss what we knew about the time. The children were also able to take part in an exciting drama workshop, using what they had already learnt to portray situations and the accompanying emotions focusing on different themes from the war.


Maths and English 

In Maths this week we have been focusing on long multiplication method – we all need to continue practicing our times tables! Next week we are moving on to long division.

In English we have been continuing to focus on World War 2, particularly on the life of evacuees. We are planning to build up to writing our own evacuee story. Today we created freeze frames to show the emotions of children who have been evacuated when they were picked by their host families.

image001 image006 image003

Battle Cry, factors and Anne Frank

This week we used our Battle Cry learning from last week to write a speech as a Lance Corporal of a WW2 battalion, persuading his men to join him in battle on the beaches of Normandy during D-day. The vocabulary the children have started to use has been superb and there were several outstanding speeches written and performed.

In maths, we have re-visited factors and multiples and have started to look at how we tackle problems involving more than one operation by using BIDMAS. Next week, we will be consolidating our understanding of BIDMAS and will be doing further work on multiplication.

In topic, we have learnt about the Holocaust and the magnitude of this period in history. We explored the experiences of Anne Frank and wrote our own diary entries from the perspective of Anne Frank.

It has been great to see how engaged the children have been with our topic and we have received more excellent pieces of homework, whilst several children have shared WW2 memorabilia from their families.

Battle Cries, maths and homework

This week we have been writing our own battle cries to persuade others to fight in our battles! We have used example cries to model our own writing on, including Brave heart, Gladiator and the Chieftain. In topic we have been investigating what happened before the 2nd World War began and have looked at Hitler’s action before his invasion in Poland.

In Maths we have been embedding our knowledge of formal method addition and subtraction and applying our understanding to word problems with more than one step. Next week we are moving on to multiplication and division.

We are starting to get some topic homework in and it is looking like there is some excellent learning going on at home too!

Place Value and Doomsday

Our first full week back at school has been a busy one! In Maths, we have been looking at place value up to 10 million and rounding these numbers to help us with estimating and checking calculations. We have started to explore negative numbers and today we went outside to find answers to a code-breaking joke!

In English we have learnt more about our topic and have learnt all about Doomsday. We have been writing crawls to inform an audience about the important events that happened. In topic we have been creating Doomsday images with chalk and charcoal using abstract art to inspire us.


Next week we will be writing Battle cries in English and moving on in maths to look at performing operations with large numbers mentally and addition and subtraction methods.

Summer 2 2017/2018 The Human Body

Kingswood 2018

Head to our GALLERY to see the photo’s from our residential.

The Lion King – Year 6 play

Wow! Year 6, what an amazing production you have put on for us.  We laughed, we cried, we wanted to sing along.  Every single part of this production was fantastic.  The acting was spot on, the scenery and props were perfect, the lighting was so effective and the music was amazing – who knew we had our very own pianists who could play as well as Elton John or Andrew Lloyd Webber.  Well done Year 6

Year 6 Leavers Play 2018 - Deachy 158JPG  Year 6 Leavers Play 2018 - Deachy 147JPG

Year 6 Leavers Play 2018 - Deachy 150JPG  Year 6 Leavers Play 2018 - Deachy 123JPG

Year 6 Leavers Play 2018 - Deachy 109JPG  Year 6 Leavers Play 2018 - Deachy 83JPG

Year 6 Leavers Play 2018 - Deachy 68JPG  Year 6 Leavers Play 2018 - Deachy 59JPG


This week has been a very busy one indeed! As well as English and Maths lessons, Year 6 have gone straight into full cast rehearsals for our production of The Lion King! The show is beginning to come together, although please encourage your children to listen to the songs and know the words as we have a very strict deadline to get show ready! If your child has a costume already, please send it in to school in a named carrier bag as soon as possible.

Quadkids Athletics

This week also saw some children from Years 5 and 6 representing the school in Quadkids Athletics at Aldershot Military Stadium. The children all participated in a sprint, longer distance run, throwing and standing long jump events and did Frimley proud. As a team, we came 4th overall and demonstrated fantastic sportsmanship and support of each other. Special mention to Harry in 6H for achieving 2nd place in the individual results and for helping his team mates on the day. Well done to all!

Summer 1 2017/2018 Crime and Punishment

imageedit_8_8039943348Summer 1 homework

Week beginning 21.5.18

This week the year 6s have been focused on their SATs. They have all worked really hard, showing their mature attitudes and perseverance through four tiring days of tests. All the children have focused and applied their learning, truly earning their reward day on Friday, consisting of Wonder and fun games outside! Well done Year 6s!

Week beginning 14.5.18

Good Luck Year 6

download  Ch7jAEoWkAEAlSz

Week beginning 7/5/18

This week has been a busy one for Year 6, who all came back refreshed and eager to learn after the sunny bank holiday weekend. In English we have been very creative creating job adverts for an astronaut and writing short stories linked to our text ‘Wonder’ – the children are enjoying reading this thought-provoking book and are looking forward to watching the film next week.

In Maths we have been practising hard for our SATs by working on test-style questions in arithmetic and word problem form.

We have had fun this week during our Crime and Punishment Topic lessons by writing witness statements and creating corresponding e-fits, whilst honing our portrait drawing skills!

In PSHE we have been looking at positive friendships and have enjoyed learning about Buddhism in RE.

Crime and Punishment 

Solving the attempted murder of Mrs Wright!

First week back after Easter has been busy (as always) in year 6. We are busy preparing for our SATs whilst making sure we have time to unwind. We started our Crime and punishment through the ages and have been busy looking at evidence to solve the attempted murder of Mrs Wright. We have some very suspicious teachers at Frimley but we are pleased to inform you that Mr Phillips has been arrested and is awaiting trial as his sugar addiction became too much for him (Mrs Wright has been busy ensuring we remain a healthy eating school!). Our book corners now represent our topic and we have prisons, punishments and mug shots to demonstrate this.

  image005  image003  image001

Spring 2 2017/2018 South America


imageedit_6_8333961483 Spring 2 homework

World Book Day

On Tuesday 6th March 2018, Frimley celebrated World Book Day by coming into school dresses as their favourite book character.  We had an amazing range of creative costumes and the whole school looked fantastic.

IMG_1846JPG  IMG_1850JPG


Spring 1 2017/2018 South America


imageedit_6_8333961483 Spring 1 homework

Week beginning 5.2.18

This week we have finished Foul Play: Brazil, which was a great detective story linked to the World Cup in 2014. On Wednesday we wrote our own stories based on a picture of a young boy looking under his bed. Our teachers were very impressed by our creativity – well done to Reece in 6N for his excellent effort which is our work of the week this week!

In Maths we have been learning about ratio and proportion and had a visit from Explore Learning who ran a workshop to consolidate our knowledge of percentages. It was really fun and we collaborated well to succeed in our learning.

We are all looking forward to a well-deserved rest over half term!


Week beginning 29.1.18

This week we have been really busy preparing ourselves for our SATs. Although it’s only just February, we all sat last year’s papers as a practice run. Our teachers are pleased with our results so far and think that we should be very proud of ourselves as we have worked very hard! However, there is still lots of work to do, so we need to keep practising our reading, grammar, times tables and other areas of Maths which we find tricky. There will be another mock week in the second half term.

This week we also conducted a Science experiment looking at acidity and alkaline solutions, making predictions and recording our results. We also studied micro-organisms, including bacteria, viruses and fungi.

In PE we did Gymnastics in the hall – we created sequences incorporating rolls, jumps and balances. It was great fun to be able to use the wall bars!

On Friday we took part in the sponsored spell for Sebastian’s Action Trust and we were really pleased with how we did – let’s get that sponsor money in!

Week beginning 22.1.18

This week in maths we have been thinking about angles and have practised using protractors.

We had a lot of fun on Friday putting all our skills and knowledge to use to find missing angles. We had to hunt down the next question based on our previous answer. Some of the questions were quite tricky!

If you would like to challenge yourself, or someone you know, have a go at the question below!


Week beginning 15.1.18

A busy week in Year 6…

This week has been a very busy one! We have continued to read Foul Play: Brazil which is an exciting mystery story set at the time of the last World Cup. We have been making predictions about what the characters will do next and written some rainforest setting descriptions.

In Maths, we have been calculating percentages – this has proven to be tricky, so some extra practice at home would be helpful (Mathletics, Timetable Rockstars for consolidation of multiplication and division).

In Topic, we have been learning all about plants and creatures of the rainforest. This has been fascinating and we even got to create our own ‘perfect plant’ which is adapted to live in a rainforest climate!

In PE we have been working on our cognitive skills, as well as learning how to play as part of a team, and developing our co-ordination and agility.

In RE we are learning about The Holy Trinity and considering our place in the wider world by learning about the value of money in PSHE.


Week beginning 8.1.18

Maths and RE

This week we have been focusing on decimals in maths. We practiced converting decimals into fractions to find equivalences. In RE we were learning about the Holy Trinity and we thought about 3 versions of us and showed these through art.

image005  image003  image001

Week beginning 1.1.18

Super start

This term we are studying South America. On Friday we had our super start to the topic and looked at South American carnival. We explored the colours, music, dances and food. In groups, we created dances to samba music, made South American cheese bread, created green screen TV news reports about carnival and created inspired artwork. We also created our South American themed book corners, ready to enthuse our writing in English!

image001   image003  image005

Autumn 2 2017/2018 Evolution and Inheritance


6a2hwAutumn 2 homework

Year 6 computing 30 Nov – 20 Dec

 Over the last few weeks, Year 6 have been planning, creating and presenting a presentation of the Nativity story using Powerpoint.

The children began by reading and planning their presentation on paper, not something they enjoyed. However, the value of planning first became apparent in week two, allowing them to focus on inserting backgrounds and typing skills.


During our next sessions, the children began inserting characters (pictures), building up each scene in their presentations and bringing them to life. We focused on animations such as entrance, emphasis and motion paths. Our presentations were fast becoming interactive and more engaging.


Finally, some children added sound effects. After reviewing their work (several times) the children made their finishing touches before sharing with their Year 3 buddies. It was really pleasing to have the audience of their work watching and appreciating their efforts!


Nativity Story by Millie 6G

Nativity Story by Erin 6G

 Well done Year 6.

BIDMASS, reading and evolution

This week we have been very busy developing our reading comprehension skills using texts based on our evolution topic – we have loved learning about dinosaurs! We also planned and wrote our own stories using our knowledge of dinosaurs and fossils.

In Maths we have been calculating using BIDMAS, ensuring that we carry out our calculations in the correct order!

In Topic we created work to sum up what we have learned throughout the topic, including evolution of humans, plants and animals, adaptation and inheritance.

We’ve also been embarking on our end of term tests – it’s a busy time of year!


This week, Year 6 were lucky enough to spend a day visiting a Mandir in London. Once we arrived, we had to remove our shoes as a sign respect, and watched a video which told us a lot about the history of the temple. We were then able to listen to some more information about Hinduism and the Mandir, and ask any questions we had.

After that, we were able to witness one of the five prayers of the day. The temple was ornately decorated and we were able to see the beautiful deities.

image001 (1)

National Young Mathematician’s Awards

On Wednesday 8th November, four children from year six took part in the NYMA (National Young Mathematician’s Awards). It is the only team maths competition for primary schools in the UK. The competition, now in its eighth year, is run in conjunction with the NRICH project at the University of Cambridge and is designed to inspire and challenge talented mathematicians from across the UK.
We were very proud of our team this year, who worked brilliantly on the challenge set. They worked particularly well on team work, (scoring full marks) supporting each other’s ideas and investigating together. Unfortunately however, the competition was high and we sadly did not make it to the second round. It is a great achievement and our team should be proud of their achievements.On Wednesday 8th November, four children from year six took part in the NYMA (National Young Mathematician’s Awards). It is the only team maths competition for primary schools in the UK. The competition, now in its eighth year, is run in conjunction with the NRICH project at the University of Cambridge and is designed to inspire and challenge talented mathematicians from across the UK.
We were very proud of our team this year, who worked brilliantly on the challenge set. They worked particularly well on team work, (scoring full marks) supporting each other’s ideas and investigating together. Unfortunately however, the competition was high and we sadly did not make it to the second round. It is a great achievement and our team should be proud of their achievements.

image003   image001

What an egg-straordinary week!

This week has been eggcellent! We have continued studying Jurassic Park alongside looking at the evolution of man and completing a skull study and making comparisons across skulls from millions of years ago!
In English, we spent the first half of the week (we’ve been busy doing fractions in maths too!) designing and creating our book corners.

image005  image003  image001

On Thursday, we were interrupted by Mrs Wright, who had made an unusual discovery whilst on her health and safety walk around school. Rushing outside, we found a large pink, with black dots, egg nested into the school long jump sand pit. After a conversation with the Animal Trust, the egg was placed in water and we are awaiting further instruction. We have been busy informing Frimley of the find by writing our own newspaper reports! We are hoping the egg is harmless and we don’t come back to a T-Rex in the year 6 unit!



Autumn 1 2017/2018 Shakespeare


homework borderAutumn 1 homework

Newspaper articles, bikeability, dance and long division.

This week, a lot of us have been busy with bikeability. In the classroom we have also been creative writing our own newspaper articles; as reporters, we have analysed witness statements from people around the island when the Tempest struck and constructed our own reports to inform Italy about the catastrophic events. We presented our reports using a green screen where we shared our reports in the format of a newspaper reporter.

In PE, we have also been preparing for our fantastic finish, each class has developed a dance to portray the Tempest. Some classes working as a class to show the storm and others interpreting the music in groups.

 Maths has been challenging this week as we put our timetables to the test to do long division. After learning the method, we ran round to practice our method in competition with each other (active maths).


Active Maths, play scripts and PE

This week in year 6 we got active in our Friday Maths lesson, practising our addition, subtraction and multiplication. We worked in small teams, having to run between questions cards and use formal written methods to find the answers. We had a lot of fun, and got to practise our maths!

We have also been working hard in our other lessons, looking at play scripts and planning newspaper articles, based on our text The Tempest, in English.

In addition, we practised our balance in PE, building on our social skills through teamwork and effective communication, and have perfected our technique for the River Crossing game.

 Maths, The Tempest and Science

What a busy week we have had! This week we have been working really hard in our English lessons, learning about varied sentence structures (ask me to tell you what a complex sentence is!) and adding lots of depth and detail to our character descriptions.

In Maths we have continued to work on our knowledge of number – we have looked at place value; rounding to any given number with acquired accuracy and negative numbers, adding and subtracting them to crack a secret code!

We have continued to develop our understanding of how we see by carrying out experiments in Science to observe how light is refracted.

We have linked our Topic sessions to our English topic, by using different materials to create an eye-catching book cover for The Tempest, based on blurbs and what we have read so far.

Maths and The Tempest

Our second week back has been non-stop! We have been busy getting to grips with number, place value and rounding in maths and in English, we have delved into our new text, The Tempest. Our creativity has been explored this week, thinking about the stormy setting of the Tempest and up-levelling vocabulary to describe the Island and stormy surroundings. We used this inspiration to design and make our own Tempest settings for our book corners.

image005 image003 image001

First week back in Year 6

We have had an exciting start back in Year 6 and got straight back to work, investigating patterns in maths and writing recounts in English. The maths investigations have challenged us to work more systematically, and think of lots of different approaches. In English, it has been really interesting learning about what everyone has been up to over the holidays and recounting our favourite moments! We have also been able to remind ourselves about using the non-negotiables. We have been getting to know our new teachers and are looking forward to the year ahead!

image001 image003 image005