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Non-negotiables These are charts that the children use in class so they are clear on what they need to achieve by the end of Year 3.

                 writing                    reading                      maths

     Writing non-negotiables     Reading non-negotiables      Maths non-negotiables

Spelling list These are the spellings we need to be able to spell within our writing by the end of Year 3.

rsz_spelling_list RYear 3 spellings

rsz_grammar_link   Year 3 grammar glossary   Grammar Coverage

Curriculum newsletters and topic maps

rsz_curriculum r 

Meet the Teacher presentation

Autumn 1 topic map – Dragonology

Autumn 1 newsletter – Dragonology

Autumn 2 topic map – Midsummer Night’s Dream

Autumn 2 newsletter – Midsummer Night’s Dream

Spring 1 topic map – Rockin’ and Rollin’

Spring 1 newsletter – Rockin’ and Rollin’

Spring 2 topic map – Chocolate

Spring 2 2017/2018 Chocolate

year 3HWSpring 2 homework

Spring 1 2017/2018 Rockin’ and Rollin’

 imageedit_2_2143527694Spring 1 homework

Butser Ancient Farm 

On Thursday, Year 3 stepped back in time when they visited Butser Ancient Farm, nestled in the South Downs National Park. The children had a unique experience, exploring first hand ancient buildings based on real sites dating from Stone Age through to the Iron Age.

image011  image009

At Butser farm we did some fantastic activities with amazing helpers. When we had finished our jobs we had lunch in an awesome hut, that I think stone- age people used a long time ago. In stone age times they had to kill animals for food, they also needed animal skins for warmth. For beds they used stone, not wood. Also for bedcovers they used animal skins, like the duvet covers we use today. After lunch we did another fun job called wattling, the other jobs were colouring in chalk and making gold rings that were made of gold wire, I loved making the gold rings. Next we all tried archaeology, I liked this because you got to dig in a square and find something, then you needed to scrub your object with a toothbrush, that’s why I like archaeology. By Jessica 3P

  image007  image005 (2)

Butser Ancient Farm is a wonderful, hands on experience, which brings History to life for both children and adults. The children have all gone home with some wonderful memories and such a deeper understanding of the Stone Age through to Iron Age.

image003 (2)

Autumn 2 2017/2018 Midsummer Night’s Dream

3a2hwAutumn 2 homework

Tag rugby game


Rehearsals are well underway!

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Autumn 1 2017/2018 Dragonology

homework borderAutumn 1 homework