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Yr 3 wc 1 June



We officially ”break up” today for the Easter holidays although these are also going to be a bit different this year. Childcare provision is continuing over this time for those who need it but I am very keen for my staff to have a proper break over the next two weeks and spend time with their families too. Therefore, there will not be any work set over the Easter holidays but I am sending home a list of physical, mental and skills challenges today that might keep some children active and engaged over the next two weeks. These are of course optional as I would like families to have the chance to relax over the holidays but I will be trying some out with my boys at home! If you do have a go, why not post on our Twitter account so we can all celebrate in your successes. I am also sending home a list of websites that you might find useful too.

We “return” to school on Monday 20th April and more home learning will be emailed home to you at some point during that day, to cover the period of 20th April – 1 st May (more will be set after this etc). This work will be similar to that that has been set over the last two weeks but does include some more guidance for those who would prefer to take a more structured approach. We acknowledge though that all family circumstances are different and therefore it will be left flexible enough for you to decide how it works best for your family and your child.

Here are copies of the websites, letters and leaflets sent home over Easter;

challenagesFrimley’s Easter Challenges learning websitesWebsites for home learning internet safety
Internet safety leaflet
well beingPractical strategies and Advice to Support Mental Health websites Primary 5Ways Poster

3Pr Hannah

3Ph Elena

 3B Stephan


Year Group Information – Topic maps, homework and newsletters

Meet the teacher presentation 2019    3


Year 3 yearly overview 

Autumn 1 and 2

Topic: Dragons

Topic map


Autumn 1 Newsletter

Autumn 2 newsletter


Spring 1

Topic: Heroes and Villains

Topic map




Spring 2

Topic: Stone Age


Newsletter to come out at the end of term

  Frimley has a twitter account so you can keep up to date with all our latest news:



(objectives that the children are working to within each year group)







English Support

rsz_spelling_list R

Year 3 spellings


Year 3 grammar glossary

Grammar Coverage

maths   Maths Support – Progression ladders   maths

Addition progression ladder

Subtraction progression ladder

Multiplication progression ladder

Division progression ladder

Spring 2 2019/2020

year 3 homework

Spring 1 2019/2020

year 3 spring 1

Autumn 2 2019/2020 

year 3 hw  vp 3

The Dragonology topic and homework will continue this half term.

Autumn 1 2019/2020

Autumn 1 homework and topic map:

year 3 hw  vp 3

 In computing we have started to warm up each lesson by completing a 5 minutes touch typing activity.  As most junior and secondary schools use iPads or laptops in their lessons it’s important that children gain speed and accuracy while typing and we are hoping that typing little and often will help the children in this area.  The children are already looking at their own accuracy percentage and words per minute and are striving to beat their previous target.  

Here are the websites we currently use for touch typing;






On the iPads we use an app called Ghost Type


Summer 2 2018/2019 James and the Giant Peach continued

Summer 12018/2019 James and the Giant Peach


We have focused on ‘Taking the perfect photo’ this half term.  We made our photos rules, tested them out then made posters using the app ‘PicCollage’. 

BeFunky-collage (2)

Click to enlarge image

We had a fun session where we looked at perspective photography and had a mission to create some of our own!  We discussed how someone needed to be far away to look small and someone needed to be right in front of the iPad to look larger.  The final results were fabulous.

IMG_0782  IMG_0867

IMG_0857  IMG_0711

  IMG_0853  IMG_0519

IMG_0865 (2)  IMG_0861

IMG_0859  IMG_0858



Spring 2 2018/2019 Chocolate

twitter Use our twitter page to see what we have been learning in Year 3


Many children in Frimley enjoy playing multiplayer games online, such as Roblox, Minecraft and Fortnite which allow children to chat to other players. Although we don’t encourage year 3 children to play games which have an age rating of 8 or 9 plus we are aware that they do play them and they do use the chat feature. 

Due to this we spent this half term talking to the children about using the chat feature safely.  We discussed that the people they talk to are strangers (it was interesting how many children didn’t see them as strangers initially as they are are ‘just words on a screen’).  We reminded ourselves of stranger danger and why we NEVER share personal information online, even with our friends as others can see it.  We also discussed people aren’t always who they say they are online.  

To help us remember how to be safe online we made posters on the app KEYNOTE.  We shrunk our posters to make into key rings so we can always keep the reminder on us.

HECO5895 IAOZ0428

JILU1318 HKUM6901


Spring 1 2018/2019 Rockin’ and Rollin’

Year 3 have been looking at cave art this week.  They used horse hair and sticks to make their own paint brushes then made their own paint.  We spoke about how amazing Caveman art is and how they achieved that with home made brushes, rocky walls and only fire light to work from.  We decided to see for ourselves how tricky it was by being cavemen;  We took our paper and pencils and drew our cave art from underneath our tables!  We turned off the lights, pulled the blinds and used torches to represent the fire light.

cave art 2 (2)  cave art (2)


In computing we created a project in scratch called ‘The Smoking Car Game’  We had to create a car, put in the correct coding blocks to make it move, draw backgrounds with tracks, then look at what coding we needed to make the car leave a coloured trail.  After exploring the coding blocks the children started to understand how we could put them together to give the game instructions.  We had some fantastic games made. 

This link should allow you to try some of the Year 3 and 4 games online

(I’ll try and put more online soon)

scratch 1


Autumn 2 2018/2019 Dragonology continued

Christmas Emoji Quiz

We have spent this half term working on computer, mouse and keyboard skills.  To celebrate our new typing skills we typed Christmas Carols on the iPads, using the KEYNOTE app, and substituted words for emojis. Can you guess the carol or song?

let it snow hark 12 days of christmas

 frosty the snowmanmistletoe and wine

We then used our emojis to make a Christmas quiz.  Can you guess the film, song or Christmas saying?

white christmas quiz silent night quiz santa paws quiz santa claus quiz rudolph quiz rocking tree quiz nightmare before ch quiz last christmas quiz jingle bell rock quiz home alone 2 quiz frosty the snow quiz frosty snowman quiz christmas music quiz christmas lights quiz christmas hat quiz baby it's cold outside quiz

Christmas in the Falklands.

3P are putting their English lessons to good use, writing to those deployed over Christmas in the Falklands.

image3 image2 image1

Dragon Eyes 

Year 3 have been busy designing and drawing Dragon Eyes, then they had the fun job of making them out of clay.  We think they look amazing.

IMG_2538 IMG_2536 IMG_2531 IMG_2527


Dragon Stories

We have been busy writing Dragon stories in Year 3, we worked hard on our descriptive language and sentence starters.  The best part was when we got to film each other on the ipads while we read our stories.



Autumn 1 2018/2019 Dragonology

Power Point

Year 3 have been in the Discovery Zone for the past 2 weeks exploring Power Point.  Many children have only used laptops and tablets so using a mouse was a tricky experience!  We looked at how to add text, online images and animations to make a power point about the things we like.  Here are a few examples;

OSCAR      Louis       ETHAN

chloe       Aniela        all about me bella

I have been impressed with the amount of children who are telling me that they have started to make power point presentations at home in their spare time.

E-Safety Posters  – Tell A Trusted Adult

Year 3 have worked hard using the keynote app.  It took us a few weeks to navigate around the app but we have produced some amazing posters along the theme of making sure you tell an adult if you are scared, worried or concerned when online.

DXZT8579  SMJQ9308

PZAP4457  MSFR3314

KPXD5643  FKMX0183


We read the story Penguinpig to introduce our E-safety topic.  The book focused on not believing everything we read on the web and also how we need to tell a trusted adult if we are worried, scared or concerned.  We each listed 5 trusted adults in our lives.

We used the app ‘Texting Story’ to introduce how we can approach trusted adults to ask for help and to confirm that adults will help us and support us.

IMG_1999PNG  IMG_0529PNG

IMG_0270PNG   IMG_0236PNG

Year 3 are going on a Dragon Hunt, we’re gonna find a big one…..

IMG_2408  IMG_2410

Summer 2 2017/2018 Ancient Egypt


Year 3 have been making 3D shapes with their bodies.



Year 3 are lucky enough to have lovely Mrs Everingham in, training them up to be Sport’s-Day superstars!


Summer 1 2017/2018 Miniscule to Mighty


Year3 enjoying the sunshine, doing some Andy Goldsworthy inspired art.


Year 3 are building skeletons!


Fractions in the sunshine!


Spring 2 2017/2018 Chocolate


 Year 3 quickly picked up today to create posters for ‘How to Shoot a Digital Photograph’. They used their own photos as part of the poster.



World Book Day

On Tuesday 6th March 2018, Frimley celebrated World Book Day by coming into school dresses as their favourite book character.  We had an amazing range of creative costumes and the whole school looked fantastic.

IMG_1770JPG  IMG_1834JPG

Class text – Fintan Fedora

Year 3 have started on our text for this half term, Fintan is a walking disaster but great fun to hear about!!

ISBN is 978-1-407143-58-3 if anyone would like to get a copy to read with their children at home.

Spring 1 2017/2018 Rockin’ and Rollin’

Butser Ancient Farm 

On Thursday, Year 3 stepped back in time when they visited Butser Ancient Farm, nestled in the South Downs National Park. The children had a unique experience, exploring first hand ancient buildings based on real sites dating from Stone Age through to the Iron Age.

image011  image009

At Butser farm we did some fantastic activities with amazing helpers. When we had finished our jobs we had lunch in an awesome hut, that I think stone- age people used a long time ago. In stone age times they had to kill animals for food, they also needed animal skins for warmth. For beds they used stone, not wood. Also for bedcovers they used animal skins, like the duvet covers we use today. After lunch we did another fun job called wattling, the other jobs were colouring in chalk and making gold rings that were made of gold wire, I loved making the gold rings. Next we all tried archaeology, I liked this because you got to dig in a square and find something, then you needed to scrub your object with a toothbrush, that’s why I like archaeology. By Jessica 3P

  image007  image005 (2)

Butser Ancient Farm is a wonderful, hands on experience, which brings History to life for both children and adults. The children have all gone home with some wonderful memories and such a deeper understanding of the Stone Age through to Iron Age.

image003 (2)

Autumn 2 2017/2018 Midsummer Night’s Dream

Tag rugby game


Rehearsals are well underway!

IMG_0151 (1)

Autumn 1 2017/2018 Dragonology