Year 3


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Non-negotiables These are charts that the children use in class so they are clear on what they need to achieve by the end of Year 3.

                 writing                    reading                      maths

     Writing non-negotiables     Reading non-negotiables      Maths non-negotiables

Spelling list These are the spellings we need to be able to spell within our writing by the end of Year 3.

rsz_spelling_list RYear 3 spellings

rsz_grammar_link   Year 3 grammar glossary   Grammar Coverage

Curriculum newsletters and topic maps

rsz_curriculum r 

Meet the Teacher presentation

Autumn 1 topic map 

Autumn 1 newsletter

Autumn 2 topic map

Autumn 2 2017/2018 Journey into the Unknown

homework3a2hwAutumn 2 homework

Rehearsals are well underway!

IMG_0151 (1)

Autumn 1 2017/2018 Dragonology


homework borderAutumn 1 homework

Summer 2 2016/17 Lights, Camera, Action

Summer 1 2016/17 Miniscule to Mighty


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Rd day sign

On Wednesday 15th March, Year 3 had a Dahlicious day to complement their current topic of ‘Chocolate’. Throughout the day they looked at the life and creativity of Roald Dahl. They also had a visit from Julie Cole; who played Vercula Salt in the 1971 movie ‘Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory’.

All of Year 3 - Roald Dahl DayJPG        Year 3 Staff - Roald Dahl DayJPG

To help get into the spirit of the day, the children were invited to dress as a Roald Dahl character. We had a Marvellous Dahlicious day!   At Frimley we have been looking at our Enterprising skills, especially the Frimley Learner Passport challenge  ‘To take an active part in a charity event’.  We decided to make our day into a charity event.  Year 3 asked for a voluntary donation to be shared equally between two charities. The first charity, The Roald Dahl Marvellous Children’s Charity raises funds in support for seriously ill children and their families and was set up in Roald Dahl’s honour. The second charity will be The Fountain Centre, which offers support to people being treated for cancer and their families. Our visitor, Julia Cole, works for The Fountain Centre. More about the work of the charities can be found at: and

Class photos

 3C - Roald Dahl Day 2JPG         3C - Roald Dahl Day 1JPG

3P - Roald Dahl DayJPG          Year 3 Staff - Roald Dahl DayJPG

Willy Wonka and his crew!

Charlie and Choc FactoryJPG            Willy WonkasJPGOompa LoompasJPG

We didn’t stop at Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, we had costumes from a variety of stories. Can you guess them?

 TwitsJPG         MatildasJPG

Fantastic Mr FoxJPG           BFG & SophieJPG

 Other storiesJPG

   A visit from Julie Cole, who autographed our books!

Verruca Salt - Julie Cole 4JPG      Verruca Salt - Julie Cole 3JPG

Verruca Salt - Julie Cole 2JPG        Verruca Salt - Julie Cole 1JPG

WBDWBD lettering

rsz_wbd_-_can_you_guess_the_mystery_reader_4 R rsz_wbd_-_can_you_guess_the_mystery_reader_3 R rsz_wbd_-_can_you_guess_the_mystery_reader_2 R rsz_1wbd_-_can_you_guess_the_mystery_reader_1R