Year 4


4P Dorian

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Non-negotiables These are charts that the children use in class so they are clear on what they need to achieve by the end of Year 4.

                 writing                    reading                      maths

     Writing non-negotiables     Reading non-negotiables      Maths non-negotiables

Spelling list These are the spellings we need to be able to spell within our writing by the end of Year 4.

rsz_spelling_list RYear 4 spellings

Curriculum newsletters and topic maps

rsz_curriculum r

Meet the Parent presentation

Autumn 1 topic map 


Autumn 1 Gods, Mortals and Beasts


homework border Autumn 1 homework

Summer 1 2016/17 Extreme Earth

Journey to the Centre of the Earth – Half Term Projects

We have enjoyed looking at the wonderful projects created over half term. We received a real mix of volcano models, dinosaur models, fact sheets and diagrams. It is great to see the children so engaged and excited to find out more information.

Tommy and John both brought in volcano models complete with vinegar and bicarbonate of soda so we could conduct our own experiments at school.

home work collage     Tommy volcano collage


This week we have looked at the features of statues of Buddha. We made our own statues in clay and thought about the pose of the hands (the Mudra), the long ears, the third eye, the girly hair, the bun on the top of the head.

rsz_buddah_collage R

tag rugbyTag  Rugby Tournament

Led by our Tag Rugby coach, Emma, Year 4 held a inter-house tournament.  Each house was split into 3 teams who all played 3 games against an opposing house.  After the knock out rounds, we held the semi-finals;  Apollo Vs Endurance then Endeavour Vs Endurance.   The final match, Endurance Vs Endeavour resulted in a 3-2 victory to Endurance.  Well done to Year 4, where it was noticed by your coach that you all showed team work and sportsmanship. A special mention was given to Cameron for his effort, enthusiasm and stamina.

resized rugby

Reading Challenge

Well done to all who have achieved the Bronze Level Reading Challenge.  Here is the Silver challenge for you.

silver with border

Leeson House

Find out about Year 4’s residential trip to Leeson House. (please click on the photos to enlarge them)

LH1     LH6

I slept so well, the beds were amazingly comfortable – Roxie 4BV

LH2     LH7

I enjoyed going to the beach and collecting shells and I also enjoyed the people in my room! – Lexie 4EV

LH8     LH9

You get fed delicious food and the pudding is great. – Tabitha  4BV

LH10     LH11

Leeson House was much better than I expected. It was really fun, my favourite part was going for a walk. – Matthew 4BV

LH12     LH13

I loved the stories around the campfire – they were very entertaining. I loved it. – Tilly 4EV

LH14     LH15

I really enjoyed visiting RSPB Arne. It was calm and peaceful and we were surrounded by nature. – Charlotte 4EV

LH16     LH3

We learned about the Swanage local history. – John 4EV

LH4     LH5

I enjoyed the night orienteering when we had to find numbers in the dark. – Anna 4EV

LH17     LH18

I liked the pond dipping because I discovered new creatures I hadn’t seen before. – Ellie 4V

LH19     LH20

Fantastic Finish – Go with the Flow

Thank you to everyone who came along to Year 4s Fantastic Finish at the end of Spring 2. We were pleased to have the opportunity to show our families what we had been up to during the term.

FF collage2

We had a table top gallery of our watercolour paintings and still life arrangements set up so everyone could have a go.

Some children demonstrated the journey of a river using sand trays to show features like meanders and ox box lakes. We also showed some of the diagrams we had made.

We also talked about Flotsam the beautiful picture book we had studied and shared some of the written work we had done.

Outside, children demonstrated orienteering and team games we had tried at Leeson House.

The hall looked very festive with our book corner displays hanging.

We look forward to inviting families to another fantastic finish at the end of the summer.

FF collage 1

Reading Challenge  

Have you started your Bronze Level Reading Challenge yet?  Talk to your child and class teacher to find out more!

Bronze with border

Update from Leeson House

We all arrived safely at Leeson House at just before 12 yesterday.
When we arrived we had a fire drill and the children found out who they would be sharing rooms with. There were no complaints about rooms and everyone seemed very happy.
A lot of children commented on how great they thought the house was and how comfortable the rooms are. The children made their own beds without too much trouble.
In the afternoon we went for a walk to Dancing Ledge, through fields and the local village. Unfortunately, we were not blessed with the warm sunny weather you had. It stayed dry but there was a persistent mist in the air. When we got to Dancing Ledge we could barely see the beautiful views we had hoped for. Along the way we enjoyed local tales of priests and smugglers. The village is stunning, particularly the church.
In the evening we had a lovely dinner of sausages, beans and jacket potatoes with chocolate sponge for dessert.
After dinner, we went back outside and enjoyed story telling around a campfire and a geology workshop looking at different types of rocks and fossils.
After hot chocolate everyone was ready for their beds. “

Leeson House 2   Leeson House 1     Leeson house 3


fantastic finish

Doctor Who Fantastic Finish

rsz_befunky_collage4R       rsz_1rsz_1rsz_2rsz_befunky_collage2 resized ave 349 size

rsz_befunky_collage3R       rsz_1rsz_befunky_collage6R

rsz_1rsz_befunky_collage R        rsz_befunky_collage5R