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Non-negotiables These are charts that the children use in class so they are clear on what they need to achieve by the end of Year 5.

                 writing                    reading                      maths

     Writing non-negotiables     Reading non-negotiables      Maths non-negotiables

Spelling list These are the spellings we need to be able to spell within our writing by the end of Year 5.

rsz_spelling_list R Year 5 spellings

rsz_grammar_link    Year 5 grammar glossary   Grammar Coverage

Curriculum newsletters and topic maps

rsz_curriculum r

 Meet the Teacher presentation

Autumn 1 topic map – North America

Autumn 1 newsletter – North America

Autumn 2 topic map – Home Sweet Home

Autumn 2 newsletter – Home Sweet Home

Spring 1 topic map – Up, Up and Away

Spring 1 newsletter – Up, Up and Away 

Spring 2 topic map – Up, Up and Away

Topic maps show what we will be learning in our new topic, newsletters share our learning at the end of each half term.

Spring 2 2017/2018 Up, Up and Away

In the second half of Spring term, we will be continuing to explore our topic Up, up and Away, therefore our topic map and homework will be staying the same.  To see what we have learned so for in our topic please see our newsletter for Spring 1.

imageedit_10_2654689218 Spring 2 homework

Spring 1 2017/2018 Up, Up and Away

imageedit_10_2654689218 Spring 1 homework

Week beginning 5.2.18


This week we used Art to create different pictures representing the view of Earth from Space.  We used different coloured pastilles and blended the colours together using a range of different techniques. Light and shadow helped to create a 3D effect. We got quite messy, as did the classroom, but it was really worth it as we had so much fun!

image001  image003


This week in English, we have been writing non-chronological reports about our own planets.  First, we planned our reports using mind maps and box-it up templates.  Next we used the computers to create our reports.  Inspired by Pandora, we have really enjoyed using our imagination this week to create lots of interesting and diverse planets, such as Candyland, Scooterland, Dorrito Land and Enchantland. We plan to create a book for our book corner that contains all of our planets.

 By Amelia & Isabelle

image007  image005  image008


Week beginning 29.1.18

Pandora Animal Non Chronological Reports

In English this week we have created non chronological reports based on the animals that live on the fictional moon Pandora. If you have watched Avatar, you will probably remember this fascinating planet. We spent last week finding out about the animals. It was exciting to have the opportunity to practice our Publisher skills and try to turn our reports into a printed fact file.

image003  image002  image001

Planet Presentations

For Topic this week, we got into groups and researched the different planets in our solar system. Each group focused on a different planet. We were able to practice our Powerpoint skills and create a presentation for our planet which we presented back to the class. Some of the animations and effects used in the Powerpoint presentations were very impressive.

Our Powerpoints:




Week beginning 22.1.18


In science we have learning about day and night. When we are facing the sun it is day and when we are facing away from the sun it is night. We have also been learning how the Earth rotates and how long it takes to rotate.

image002  image001 (2)


In English we have been learning about Pandora, a great moon with strange creatures and here are some of them…

The Hexapede, The Stingbat, The Direhorse, The Sturmbeast and the Mountain Banshee.

We wrote a non -chronological report about one of these Pandora animals. They are fast, furious animals/creatures that get hunted down. This is what we have learnt in year 5 this week.

By Phoebe and Annabelle.

image006  image004

Week beginning 15.1.18


This Week in English, our writing inspiration has come from the short Pixar film ‘La Luna’.  We have been writing instructions to help the little boy carry out his job, sweeping the moon, for the first time independently.

To explore the language and layout features of instruction writing further, we wrote instructions for our talk partners about how to make a jam sandwich. It soon became clear that they needed to be clear and precise or our partner would have a sandwich with butter and jam everywhere!  We have had so much fun exploring instructions.

 As there is no dialogue in ‘La Luna’, next we worked in groups to write the dialogue between the different characters for parts of the film.  We are looking forward to rehearsing, and then creating a class voice over for the film.  We had a class vote for the best voice over, the winners have made it on to this website!

This voice over has been recorded by Zachary and Oliver in 5R

This voice over has been recorded by Alfie, Sam and Nathan in 5V


Use this picture link to see the whole video of La Luna


This week we have been working on different multiplication methods.  In the warm ups we have been focusing on practising our times tables.  We particularly enjoyed the tables beach balls, which we threw around the classroom to each other whilst answering the times table calculation our finger was on when we caught it.  Using number cards and dice, we have been creating our own calculations and using the grid and formal written method to answer them.  Place value counters have come in very handy to help us see the value of each digit.

image008  image006  image004


In Topic, we have been finding out what it takes to become an astronaut.  We carried out several tests to see if we had the appropriate skills needed, such as spatial awareness, physical stamina, reasoning, hand eye co-ordination etc.   For example: We had to see how many times we could catch a tennis ball in 30 seconds with our left hand and then right hand, we had to build a rocket out of lego whilst wearing oven gloves, we had to see how many times we could hop over a stick or hurdle in 30 seconds, as well as lots of other reasoning tests.  We will analyse our results next week and put in our application to NASA.

image012  image010  image014

Week beginning 8.1.18


On Thursday 11th January, Mr Hume visited us with his Space Dome Planetarium. The dome was set up in the hall. When it was inflated, we had to crawl through a tunnel to get into it. Inside Mr Hume projected pictures of the sun, the moon and the Earth. We talked about the phases of the moon, which he demonstrated using a ‘moon on a stick’ and a lamp. The best bit was when he turned all the lights off and projected the constellations around the dome. The sky was exactly as we would expect to see it this week if we looked outside. The moon was a crescent and just below to the left we could see Jupiter. We also saw Orion with his belt and the Plough (also known as the Big Dipper or the Saucepan). Two of the stars on the Plough point to the North Star. Mr Hume answered some of our questions at the end.  We really enjoyed our visit.

IMG_0554JPG  IMG_0553JPG


On Friday 12th January, we had a Judo demonstration. Judo club is on Tuesday after school and they are very keen to recruit more girls. Nathan and Tahj already come along to the club and so wore their Judo kits. They demonstrated how to land safely and how to do some easy throws. We practiced the throws on each other. We ended the session with a game of Judo Bulldog, where you had to get across the mat but if you were tagged you had to compete to throw your competitor. We really enjoyed the opportunity to try Judo.

IMG_0600 2JPG  IMG_0588 2JPG

IMG_0564 2JPG  IMG_0558 2JPG

Jam Sandwiches – Instruction writing

In English this week we have been investigating how to write accurate instructions. We had great fun on Wednesday when we were writing and following instructions on how to make a jam sandwich. It sounds simple enough but you’d be surprised how many of the small details we forgot to include. The best part was when we followed our partner’s instructions and made real jam sandwiches.

IMG_0511JPG  IMG_0506JPG  IMG_0499JPG

Week beginning 1.1.18

Book Corners

To kick off our English lessons for this term, we have created our own class book corners, linked to our topic ‘Up, Up and Away’. We designed our own book corners in our books and then discussed our ideas together to come up with a class plan that aimed to include everyone’s ideas. We always have lots of fun making our book corners and we think they look great!

image005  image003  image001


This term we are going to be learning all about the different skills and rules of how to play cricket. We were taught by John and we really enjoyed our first session. The focus this week was on throwing, catching, teamwork, respect and encouragement. By working as a team, we found it easier and more rewarding when we succeeded in a task and we showed respect to the other team that won/ lost as well, showing great sportsmanship. We did a throwing and catching activity which we had to reach one end of the court to the other, without dropping the ball as a team. This meant we had to give and receive well thrown passes to catch them and give each other lots of encouragement to keep going. We are all looking forward to the next lessons and the fun activities we will get to do.

image009  image007

Autumn 2 2017/2018 Home Sweet Home


5a2hwAutumn 2 homework

Kite Workshop

On Thursday 14th December 2017, Juliet from Hands on Science came in to talk to us about the history of aviation and how to make a kite. Juliet showed us a PowerPoint about the Wright brothers and Samuel Cody and about what kites where used for in the past.  Next we spent the morning making our kites and took them on to the field to practice flying them.  The materials we used were a tail, a plastic rod, a sheet of plastic and reel. We had to make them in partners because it is easier with 4 hands and supported each other to make our own one.  Our kites all looked amazing and colourful.  Amazingly, we got to fly them in the sky. We are really proud of them!

Thank you to Juliet for coming.

IMG_0479JPG  IMG_0478JPG  IMG_0466JPG  IMG_0464JPG  IMG_0462JPG

By Henry and Bethany

PE – Jumpball by Heidi and Tilly

Over the past few weeks, we have been playing an exciting game in PE called Jumpball. We are a very energetic Year group and keen to get started. The teams were very competitive but also sportsman like and no-one minded if the other team won a round. The aim of the game is to stand in hoops and pass a tennis ball to knock footballs off of cones. Over the weeks we came up with our own rules including:

No more than one person can be in a hoop

There are three defenders

Only one ball can be played with at a time

You can’t move with the ball

We loved this game and we’re looking forward to finding out what we will be doing next term.


Christmas GIFs!

In Computing this week we created Christmas GIFs.

A GIF is an animated image. We made our Christmas tree lights flash different colours.

Click on the images to see them in action!

picasion.com_031477712b43a058855e0068e950d66c  ALFIE!!!! CHRISTMAS TREE  picasion.com_402ef6a3aead836c2d4093a6eb79c9db   Amrits xmas GIF finished   george.b chrismas tree   gif tree james 5r

GIF’s designed by: Alfie, Florrie, Hannah, Amrit, James and George.

Square and cubed numbers

In Maths at the start of this week, we tested our knowledge of square and cubed numbers. We had to finish a jigsaw, matching up the questions with their correct answers, e.g. 2² + 2³ had to match up with the triangle with the answer 12. It was certainly a challenge, but we all persevered and worked hard to complete it!

    image003   image005   image001

Levers and Pulleys

In Science this week we have been experimenting with levers and pulleys and how much force they require to lift an object. Using string and a meter stick, we created our own pulley mechanisms and tested how much force each one required to lift up the same object. We had lots of fun making them and experimenting with different types of pulleys.

  image010   image008

TopicCircus Acts!

This week we have been learning about Samuel Cody’s life as a Wild West stunt performer in the circus.  We created our own persuasive adverts for the circus. As part of the lesson we also had the opportunity to perform a circus act to our class mates, which we had practised at home. We really enjoyed watching some great acts including Charlotte’s magic, James’ coin trick, Catlin’s and Tessie’s dance act, Mia’s contortionist act and Chloe and Cameron’s mind reading. All of the class enjoyed this and thought it was great fun discovering everyone’s talents.

image002   image001


In science we have been using newton meters to measure friction. We made predictions about which of the surfaces would create more friction and hence require more force to move it.  Using newton meters, we pulled an object across a variety of surfaces and measured the friction between the object and different surfaces. It was good fun and nice to carry out our investigation outside.

By Sam and James        


This week we have started a new text called ‘I know what you did last Wednesday’ by Anthony Horrowitz.  We have been looking at how to create suspense within our writing and used the different grammatical features used to have a go ourselves.  Everyone was excited when our teachers read the first couple of chapters and we cannot wait to read more, as they left the story on a cliff hanger!!!!!


In maths we have been learning about squared and cubed numbers. We have found quick strategies to work out squared and cubed numbers and explored the patterns between them. We created arrays for different squared numbers and built and drew cubes for different cubed numbers. We have had a lot of fun in maths so far and are enjoying the challenge it offers.

By Amelia & Isabelle

image006   image005

Autumn 2 Topic Homework – Home Sweet Home

It is halfway through the term and topic homework is coming in thick and fast. We are enjoying seeing the variety and quality of homework. There have been some magnificent models of Cody’s aeroplane and some very artistic sketches of the Cody Monument.

IMG_0409JPG   IMG_0408JPG  IMG_0407JPG

English – Macbeth – Conscience Alley

We went through a conscience alley listening to good and bad reasons for Lady Macbeth and Macbeth to kill King Duncan. Reasons to go ahead with the murder included “You will become King”; “People will respect you and bow down to you,” and reasons not to go ahead included, “You will experience guilt”; “Others might try to kill you”. We enjoyed this lesson a lot and thought it was our favourite Macbeth task.

By Bebe and Roxie

IMG_0406JPG   IMG_0405JPG   IMG_0404JPG


This week in year 5 English, everyone took part in a slow motion battle scene outside, related to our book Macbeth. It was so much fun! We also planned and wrote our own narrative from Macbeth .It was past tense and it all went successfully. We managed to complete our success criteria which was using modal verbs and adverbs in our writing.

By Kate

image003  image005  image001

In science this week, we have been looking at air resistance. We watched a video about why heavier objects fall faster on earth because of the air resistance and gravity. Whereas in space there is hardly any air resistance so the heavier objects fall the same as the lighter objects. Year 5 also did a spinner experiment where we chose whether to experiment how weight affects the time it takes to fall, the height it was dropped from or the size the spinner. We showed the evidence in our books and we all had great fun!
By Emily

  image009 image011 image007


This week in maths we have been looking at two-way tables.  We have had lots of fun using the information in them to answer questions and solve problems, even though the questions have been quite challenging at times. To create our two-way tables, we went round and collected data from everyone in the class about when their birthdays are.  Next we used the information to draw a two-way table. When we had finished we made up some challenging questions for our learning partner to answer.

image006   image004   image002


In science we are starting to look at forces and carried out an experiment about gravity. We were looking at how different objects make different sized craters and why. Different weighted objects, such as batteries, weights, corks, marbles, were dropped from the same height into flour. We found out that the heavier objects had the greater gravitational pull and hence created deeper craters.  We had lots of fun doing this experiment, even though we got a bit messy as the flour got onto our clothes.

By Amelia, Oliver, Lucy and Isabelle

image012   image010   image008

Autumn 1 2017/2018 North America


homework borderAutumn 1 homework

News Reports

This week in English we have been writing and performing our own television news reports about King Kong. We worked in groups to write a script about our news reports, which helped us when we were performing to practice our lines. Then we rehearsed, performed and filmed our television news reports. Some of us used green screens to present our television news reports to make it look as if we were really there, live at the scene!

image004   image006

Totem Poles

In topic we have been making our own totem poles to represent our own Native American tribes. We chose up to 4 animals that we relate to, with the animal that we most relate to being at the top of our totem poles as our ‘guide’. Every totem pole was different and unique, relating personally to each of the children. Most importantly, we loved making them and showing them to our families at our Fantastic Finish in school!


Native American Creation Story

In RE, we have been looking at how the world was created. This week we looked at different Native American creation stories.

In 5R, our story was a Lakota myth about another world before this one. The people of that world did not behave themselves so the Creating Power decided to start a new world. He sang 7 songs to bring rain and caused a flood. Only Kangi, a crow, survived. Kangi pleaded with the Creating Power to make him a new place to rest. So he decided to make a new world. From his old scruffy pipe bag he pulled out all types of animals and birds. He chose 4 animals known for their ability under water. He sent each animal to get some mud from the bottom of the water. All failed apart from the turtle, who was down there for a long time, but managed to succeed and popped back up to the surface with a handful of mud.

Singing, the creating power shaped the mud in is hands and spread it across the waters to create land. Feeling sadness for the dry land, the creating power cried tears which became oceans and streams. The creating power took many animals and humans and spread them across the land. He asked the people to take great care of this new world and treat it with respect. He gave them a pipe to live by and left them alone.

We recreated the different stories using collage materials.

image003  image002  image001

Science – Properties of Materials

In Science this week we have been investigating materials that will dissolve in liquid to form a solution, and thinking about how to recover a substance from a solution. Materials we have looked at include salt, sugar, stock cube, sand and plaster of Paris.

IMG_0221JPG  IMG_0220JPG

IMG_0217JPG  IMG_0216JPG