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At Frimley we believe that creativity is more than just being good at art or music; it is a way of working, thinking and being that inspires us in whatever we do.  It is this idea that is embodied in our school motto ‘Learning Together We Grow’. Through our curriculum we aim to discover and release every child’s creativity. To fulfil these aims we have developed a curriculum model whereby the core skills needed to make progress in each subject are embedded within a range of themed studies. Each year group explores a variety of engaging topics over the course of a year, starting with a ‘Super Start’ to enthuse the pupils about the study ahead and a ‘fantastic finish’ to the theme. This cross-curricular and child-centred curriculum allows for excited and enthusiastic thinkers, with enquiry and exploration being at the heart of learning. Our approach encourages children to be open-minded, to think and work independently and collaboratively, to problem solve and be able to communicate effectively.

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At Frimley we believe in promoting a growth mindset in all learners.  If you have a growth mindset you become more resilient and are more able to take a positive attitude to challenge and in difficulties.  We teach children strategies and ideas to become more resilient and to see the benefit in finding learning challenging.

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The Ethos Behind Our Curriculum – Curriculum Statements  and Our approach to SMSC 2019

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